Travaux manuels (=“manual activities”) toys with well-known expressions such as to be caught red handed, to have a lucky hand… It proposes an unusual architecture of “hand-made" short pieces reminiscent of a 30’s cabaret. Curiously dark, covered from head to toe, the 2 performers become silhouettes in order to accentuate the hands: Bare-handed or with gloves, soft or intrusive hands, scared or scary hands, sensual or formal hands. They waver between lightness and gravity, recalling sometimes the coldness of an experimental lab, sometimes the fantasy of a silent film or poetic scenes. To touch and to be touched is the gamble of Travaux manuels, that is what is to be discovered in this dance and musical four-handed duo! This “made in hand” piece is a hybrid form between two art disciplines, so that it becomes unbridled and undisciplined! 




full show (45')


short version


work in progress


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