Former project manager of a production software package for an editing company, Valérie Gourru decided in 2006 to fully dedicate herself to music. She graduated in classical piano from the Grenoble and Valence Conservatoires. She is always looking for new sounds and new experimenting fields. She has trained in body percussions for two years with Julien Vasnier. She has taught herself the use of sound softwares, such as Protools, Garageband or Sibelius for writing. She has recently undertaken a new instrument – the cello with Fanny Coppey.

Pianist, composer, teacher, Valérie Gourru has accompanied classes with Cathy Cambet, Beatriz Acuna, Laura Faguer, Sylvie Hönle, Juliette Dürrleman, Anne Garrigues and Magali Benvenuti in ABC Dance, a contemporary dance school and company. Towards this aim, she has written short pieces for contemporary dance, but also composed , played and sung in bands such as Vol de Nuit or C’est Gentil Chez Vous. She composes and plays the music live in Travaux Manuels, using a piezo micro sensor, which she places in turns on a magical harp for Mexico, a computer keyboard, a drying rack and various objects reminiscent of manual works.

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