“Tancarville”? What does it means?


It’s a bridge in Normandie, in France. It’s a symbol for the company of exchanges and interculturality. « Tancarville », also name of the first piece of the company, created in 2011, was a French-Portuguese-Brazilian duo and has been shown in the 3 countries.


Bridge is here also a symbol of interdisciplinarity : artists come from different backgrounds and create hybrid pieces. Dancer, musician, lighting designer…. Who is who? Who makes what on stage? We enjoy blurring the boundaries and mixing genres!



The daily is the essential raw material of the choreographic process of the company. Creation is based on word games and common expressions. It also begins with the contemplation of insignificant movements and noises, their extraction and modeling, to make them marvelous, extra-ordinary, organic and enigmatic. It is a form of recycling of our daily life, of the diversion of the movement and the sound to tend to a distancing effect. By the way, “tancarville” also designates in French a clothes drying. The musician uses this tool as a percussive music instrument in the pieces.


The company Tancarville develops, through the transmission and the artistic creation, a partnership with French theaters of the neighbourhood  (Pacifique CDC, CCN, Espace 600, Prémol in Grenoble, Amphithéâtre in Pont de Claix, La Rampe in Echirolles). She also collaborates with dance schools, libraries and primary schools. The link between amateurs and professionals is indeed one of the fundamental axes of the company's work: how to sensitize uninformed people to contemporary dance through practice, exchange and sharing around a process of professional creation.


The company pursues several objectives as part of its creations:


- to reach a wide audience. The shows of the company can be performed as well in theaters as in non- conventional spaces (such as libraries or schools). It’s a way of meeting children who would not necessarily have access to the theater


- to solicit the child during the performance and thus place young audience as "spect-actor".


- to open young people to contemporary dance and new sounds, and to promote their understanding


- to sensitize children to the link dance/music, through original and poetic forms


- to share this disciplines. The company always creates workshops related to its creation process. The two artists met each other by teaching to children in a contemporary dance school.

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